solar window privacy films

One of the biggest innovations in the solar window tint industry a glass film that sticks to surfaces without adhesive. This has caused sales of window films to skyrocket. Solar window privacy films stick to the glass surface with static, so application is quick and simple.

To apply, you will need simple tools to do the job properly. The only tools needed are:

  • Measuring tape to measure the window size
  • Spray bottle of warm, soapy water
  • Utility knife to trim excess window film from the edges
  • Squeegee to ensure everything sticks properly

Some merchandisers even sell packages that include these tools to make application of your solar window privacy films a snap!

Even if these tools don’t come with the window tint purchased, they can be picked up from even the smallest local hardware stores. Installing solar window privacy films alone takes around fifteen minutes for a standard size window. If you are installing them with some help, the time needed shrinks. More hands is more efficient!

Solar Window Privacy Films: Installation

If you are putting up solar window film for the first time, always start with the smallest window. As your confidence and skill grow, you can move on to work larger windows. Installing solar window privacy film on larger windows and sliding glass doors is best done by at least two people.

As the window film material is very light, it is easy to handle. Most films are at least eight millimeters this, and do not crumble as a result. Films come in a roll, and installation and removal is a simple task.

There are many benefits to putting solar films up in your home.

  • Reductions in the amount of heat entering the home
  • Filtering out harmful ultraviolet rays from the son
  • Reducing the fading of interior upholstery
  • Inhibit glare significantly, leading to better comfort

With this solar window privacy film installed, your house will also be far more energy efficient. You no longer need to worry about cranking up the air conditioning on a hot day. In winter, your heaters will also work more efficiently. Over a single year, the savings on your electric bill will likely recoup the investment from the films.

Solar Control Window Privacy Films

Even in the winter, solar heat pours in through unprotected windows. This causes uneven temperatures and hotspots throughout the home. In turn, it becomes a constant back and forth with your air conditioning systems. Solar Control window film is designed to reduce heat through glass by improving reflection and absorption.

Typical colored and tinted films work through increased absorption. The films absorb solar energy at the glass, reducing direct heat transmission into a room. These films only offer marginal performance compared to metallic or reflective films.

Reflective films are precision-coated with a fine layer of vaporized metal. These metal films increase solar reflection and absorption in glass. Reflective films range from moderate to excellent in performance for heat reduction. Depending on the film grade selected, up to 80 percent of solar energy reflects. Films are available in silver, bronze, grey, blue, and green.

All Solar Control window films have ultraviolet inhibitor included in their laminated construction. This has the benefit of providing a long life expectancy for the film without cracking or becoming brittle. Additionally, the film provides added protection for people, furnishings, and building interiors. Dermatologists endorse some films for protection of those with UV allergies such as lupus.

Solar Film Protection and More

Another feature of the solar control windows are that they provide excellent privacy screening. The mirror-like appearance of the films means that they are often referred to as working like one way glass. Yet, it is worth mentioning that the one-way effect will only work during daylight hours. At night, with internal lighting, the one-way glass styling disappears.

The latest innovation in these Solar Control films is the introduction of nanotechnology. This exhibits many layers of different precious metals coated onto the base polyester of the film. These films offer a high level of heat reduction with the benefit of reducing interior light levels.

The main benefits to commercial end users of solar control window films and solar window privacy films are:

  • Improved comfort of tenants
  • Reduced heating and cooling costs
  • Improved window aesthetics
  • Extended air conditioning equipment life

Solar Control Window Film has been available in the United Kingdom since the 1960’s. Since then, advancements have seen the product improve in both performance and durability. Additionally, most films use a scratch proof coating. This means that the expected lifespan of the films will exceed ten years. This also means that the product can withstand the same cleaning and maintenance that a regular window would.

The main advantages of Solar Control Window Films over conventional solar control methods such as blinds are:

  • Low to zero maintenance
  • Strong product durability and lifespan
  • Shorter energy saving payback periods
  • Ease of consumer installation


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