Windows open your view to what is going on outside your house simultaneously allows outsiders to know what is going on inside too; shocked? To get a clear understanding stand outside your house during night time when it is dark with the lights turned on inside; do you see everything that you thought was so private? So, how do you counter this?

Various options for improving privacy

Though most people consider having thick curtains, blinds or drapes for their windows to put a stop to peeping toms from looking inside this option requires someone in the house to draw the curtains or blinds every evening and if this is forgotten the problem remains the same.

Window Privacy FilmThe option is to replace all of the glass from the windows with frosted glass that allows light to pass but stops people from seeing what is happening inside. This option is a time consuming one and of course a very expensive one too.

Tinting of window glass which is more popular for automobiles is one more alternative that can serve the purpose. This also helps to protect us from the harmful UV rays apart from increasing our privacy.

The best option of course would be to go in for decorative Window Privacy Film which is very thin vinyl sheet that is very easy to install; they can be easily stuck to the windows and offer ample privacy; with this you won’t be bothered about having to draw the curtains every night.

These window privacy films come in various designs and colours and depending on how you wish to do up your windows to match the decor in the rest of the house you can select them.

Various types of window privacy films

With a growing popularity of these window privacy films, today you have a variety of such films in different styles to cater to the different requirements of the homeowners.

You can choose decorative films for your windows to add a touch of class and elegance that improves your interiors drastically. You can have etched films, frosted ones or the beautiful stained glass designs that you have so long dreamed of having that bring in a lot of style to your home. You also have various colour tints of which the more popular colours are amber deco tint, dusty rose deco tint, etc.

Ease of applying window privacy film

Window privacy films come adhesive free and are easy to stick and also to remove them. The beauty of these films is that they can be reapplied and reused without causing any damage to the films or windows, great isn’t it? All it needs is a smooth, non-porous surface to apply these tints and they can be used even on doors and windows in the bathroom, or shower cubicles since they don’t get damaged due to moisture.

Now that you are aware of the various options you have for window privacy films let your creative juices flow uninterrupted and come up with an amazing idea of what you wish to use and how to beautify your interior spaces to be the envy of your neighbours!


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